Business Opportunities


    Below are summaries of different available options:
    1. Franchising – This is the standard franchising model. The franchisee will keep the store name, products, services, and POS (Point of Sale). The franchisee will benefit from current and future products and services, including new recipes, new materials (split cups, tall cups, glass bottle designs, etc.), worldwide marketing and promotions, and partnerships with various companies. This model includes step-by-step and in-person help and support to build the store and assist new owner(s) in opening the shop. This is the best option with the least work for new business owners.
    2. Licensing – This is selling all or part of our products, services, and recipes. The buyer can choose her or his own store name, and there is no obligation to use the same names as our current products and services. This option is excellent for businesses that want to start out in the boba tea industry without spending tremendous time and money on researching and building products. Additional support, such as help with setting up the store, materials, designs, etc., are available at additional costs.
    3. Wholesaling – This is selling just our recipes. NDA must be signed. This does not include training or in-person support, unless the buyer has general questions about the recipes. This model is perfect for businesses that want the IN’s and OUT’s of boba tea and boba recipes. In addition, this option does not require in-person visits and training, which are suitable for overseas and distant entrepreneurs.